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Empingham CE Primary School

Week 9 Daily updates from Mrs Ellis and Mrs Greening

Monday 8th June

Good morning Class 1. I hope you had a lovely weekend, although the weather wasn't that brilliant was it? We managed to go for a walk but got very wet half way through as it rained very heavily. I think there were even hail stones at one point. I have uploaded the learning and resources for this week along with a quiz! I hope you enjoy it. It would be great to hear how you get on with the quiz, I'm sure you will all do a fab job.

It is also World Ocean Day today to raise awareness of the vital importance of our oceans and the role they play in sustaining a healthy planet. If you have any spare time this week, why not visit this website

and design your own world ocean day poster.


I hope you have a wonderful day today and I look forward to seeing some of you in school today for some exciting learning.


Missing you all.

Mrs Ellis


Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Class 1. I hope you had a good day yesterday. I'm so pleased it stayed dry for us and hopefully you were able to get outside during the day. Have any of you managed to do any acts of kindness yet? I know the children in Class 1 yesterday managed to do lots. Dylann kindly held the door open for me as I walked into the classroom, Eli used some fantastic manners and Noah gave me wonderful smile as I opened the door to greet him in the morning. These are just a few as my day was literally full of them. Acts of kindness, however small are so worthwhile and mean so much to the people receiving them. 


Remember I am in school today with some of your friends, so if you need to speak to me about anything, please feel free to pick up the phone at any time. I hope you have a wonderful day Class 1.


Missing you lots.

Mrs Ellis 


Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Class 1. Thank you so much to those of you that have sent pictures and quiz results to the office already this week. We love seeing how you are getting on at home and its great to see how busy you have all been. If you haven't already, have a little look at our pictures from this week and see if you can spot some of your friends! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day today and remember to please let us know if you need anymore help with anything or to just have a little chat about what you have been up too. Mrs Greening and I love hearing from you.


Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Ellis


Thursday 11th June


Hello Class 1.  So good to see so many pictures of you all and it looks like you are working hard and being creative.  We hope you are getting on with your home learning and remember one of the most important things you can do is read as this will help you more than anything in all your areas of learning.  Read out aloud, with someone, read along with an online story or just read quietly on your own- Read, read,read!.  Perhaps for fun you could write your own little play and ask your family to take parts or even your toys.   Hopefully you have watched my video about The Brave little Grork on our story page, could you make up your own story about being brave? You could send it to us or show us when you are back in school.


 I am in school today, so if you want any advice about anything or would just like a chat with me, please just call the office.  I hope you have a lovely day.


Keep smiling Mrs Greening


Friday 12th June


Morning Class 1.  I hope you have had a good week. It was lovely to spend time with some of our class yesterday as their parents are key workers.  We were all saying how we can’t wait to be together again.  It is so lovely to see how the children have been working at home.  Isla has really started to master TT rockstars and has new dinosaur fact book with stickers. Woody’s been reading lots and did some fabulous maths. And Elliot and Caleesi have worked hard in all areas at school. 


I shared The Brave little Grork book, that is on our story page, with the whole group and we talked about times when we have been worried and what we could do to help us. All the children agreed that their friends were really important to help and support them.  Why not write a diary entry to say which friend or friends you are missing and why, so that when we get back you can share this with them?

Have a lovely weekend, miss you and hope to see you soon.

Mrs Greening

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