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Empingham CE Primary School

Week 7 Daily updates from Mrs Ellis and Mrs Greening

Kindness to yourself challenge

Monday 18th May


Good morning Class 1.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, wasn't the weather beautiful!! I have uploaded all the home learning resources for this week, so I hope you enjoy everything we have planned for you. Remember to keep the pictures coming, we love to see what you have been up too and they really put a smile on our faces. I have also uploaded a new story for you to watch, unfortunately Matilda wasn't feeling it and has only made a quick appearance, see if you can spot her!


Finally I have attached a 'Kindness to yourself' challenge which you can complete during the week. You are all doing such a fantastic job and maybe some days are easier than others and that's ok. So remember to take time to be kind to yourself and think of all the wonderful things that you are good at and that it's ok to make mistakes as it means you are learning.


Have a wonderful day Class 1.

Missing you lots.

Mrs Ellis


Tuesday 19th May


Good morning Class 1.

I hope you all enjoyed my story that I posted yesterday and thank you for the wonderful videos that we have been sent already, what a lovely start to the week. Matilda and I managed to go for a lovely walk yesterday as the weather was so lovely and I even managed to paint the garden fence. Have you been able to help out with any jobs in the garden at all? 


Remember the 'Kindness to yourself' challenge this week. Today you'll be on day 2, so you could write about a mistake you did today and have a think about what you learnt from it. I always think that if you make a mistake it is proof that you are trying, so don't be too hard on yourself.


Have a wonderful day Class 1, keep smiling and remember you are all doing such a brilliant job!

Missing you.

Mrs Ellis


Wednesday 20th May


Good morning Class 1

I hope you all enjoyed the glorious sunshine yesterday and its looks like we will have the same again today. Matilda and I had a busy day learning some new nursery rhymes, reading and spending some time in the garden. Matilda has begun to be more aware of her shadow now which got me thinking. I wonder if you can use this website below, to help inspire you to create some of your own shadow drawings?


We are going to have a go tomorrow and will post of our creations. I wonder once you have created yours, whether you could send them to the office, I would love to see them.

Also remember we are on day 3 of the 'Kindness to yourself challenge. Today you need to think carefully about what is special about yourself and then ask the people you live with to give you some ideas. I bet they won't have to think for long as you all have lots of wonderful qualities. 


I hope you have a great day Class 1.

Missing you.

Mrs Ellis





Thursday 21st May 2020

Morning Class 1. I hope you enjoyed the very hot day yesterday and perhaps even got to splash in a paddling pool or pool, like I did.    I ‘ve seen some videos of Bella, Edmund and Libby and others running for the NHS! Awesome work guys and I have also been trying to run everyday with my daughter to help us keep fit both physically and in our minds.  Keep up the good work everyone!

So today remember we are on day 4 of your kindness challenge.  In addition, I have loaded on Aaaaaargh Spider and when you read the story you ‘ll see what happens at the end and then I had an idea for an activity for you on there.  It’s just a bit of fun and some of you might have done it already!  Take a look when you have time. 

I hope you have a great day, keep up those good routines. Miss you all.

Mrs Greening

Friday 22nd May


Morning Class 1!smileyheart


You made it to another Friday and can you believe it is the end of another term! Well done all of you and I know it’s not quite the same as school but it’s still time for a well-deserved rest.   So as usual in the holidays we won’t be setting any work for next week but would ask you to continue to read.  Mrs Ellis and I are in school next week, myself on the Wednesday and Mrs Ellis on the Thursday if you would like to call about anything, we always love to speak to you and hope to see you soon!


Oh I love today’s Elsa challenge – learning about affirmations and then choosing one for yourself. All too often we are quick to criticize ourselves or worry we can’t do something, but instead of those thoughts holding us back, put them to the back of your mind and think of all the positive things about yourselves!  There are many ………..

I hope you have a super day! As always miss you. I will be putting a new story on for the weekend but I am just choosing out of 2 or 3 books ummmmmmmmmmmmmm


Keep smiling, Miss you Mrs Greening

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