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Empingham CE Primary School

Week 5 Daily updates from Mrs Ellis and Mrs Greening

Monday 4th May

Good morning Class 1

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and managed to get out and enjoy the fresh air and some of the sunshine. I managed to go for a long walk on Saturday and played lots in the garden with Matilda and Mr Ellis and then I went for a run on Sunday which was great. As you will see on our class page, we have attached the new home learning for this week along with all the relevant resources. I hope you are all feeling well and happy as we enter our sixth week of being off school. But if you are feeling a little strange or maybe your tummy might be feeling different then it might be because you are worried about the changes that we are going through at the moment. So to help you understand this, I have attached a link to a lovely story called ‘Everybody Worries’ which really helps explain maybe the unusual feelings you are having at the moment.


I hope you enjoy the brilliant jokes Mrs Greening has shared on our class page, along with some poetry. Maybe this may inspire some of you to write your own jokes which we can share on our website? Please keep the brilliant pictures coming in, we love to see them.


Take care and I miss you all very much.

Mrs Ellis


Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Class 1.

I hope you managed to have a good start to your week and were able to find all the home learning plans and resources. Yesterday was a very interesting day for the Ellis family, we had a power cut in the early hours of the morning so we were without electricity until midday. It felt quite strange not being able to turn on the lights, boil the kettle or even use the fridge but we survived... just! So whilst we were waiting for it to be sorted, we managed to go for a long walk and Matilda's new words are 'look cat' followed by a wave to them, so we decided to turn it into a animal hunt. I wonder how many animals you can spot on your walks around your local area? 


Remember I am in school today, so if you need to speak to me or would like to ask me anything please ring the school as I would love to hear from you. I have posted some new pictures onto our class page of some of you busy learning and well done to Bella for your sponsored run, what an amazing thing to do!! Please keep them coming through.


Missing you all

Mrs Ellis


Wednesday 6th

Good morning Class One


I can't believe we have reached the middle of the week already. Thank you for those wonderful pictures that you have sent in so far this week. Noah, sent us an amazing 'Weather diary' which we have posted onto our website if you want to see it. Have any of you started creating any VE decorations for Friday yet? Matilda and I will create some bunting and some flags today if we can find enough paper.

Also good luck with Mrs Greening's quiz, I wonder how many points you will be able to get and please remember to send your scores to the office as we love to hear how you are getting on with our challenges at home.


Have a great day Class 1.

Mrs Ellis




Thursday 7th May

Morning Class 1


I hope you are all well. We have really enjoyed receiving your photos, videos, and Quiz scores!  We have had a busy week in our household with all the home learning and this week we have been planting vegetables and flowers in the garden.


We also love board games and before the children go to bed, we often play 21’s, mastermind or Bananagrams word game.  The other thing we enjoy doing is making paper planes and then we have a competition to see who can throw theirs the furthest. I thought you may want to try yourselves and you could even get out the tape measure and measure how far your paper plane went. A good chance to try your measuring skills.  We might be able to have a class competition whenever we get back to school.  To help you with your design, here is a video

If you enjoy making paper planes this video is a must and you can see the world record paper airplane designer, just for fun!

I hope you enjoyed the Judaism Quiz, later I’ll post another story and perhaps one of my jokes – oh no I hear you say.


Enjoy what promises to be a beautiful day

Missing you all, have a great day! Mrs Greening

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