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Empingham CE Primary School

Week 4 Daily updates from Mrs Ellis and Mrs Greening

Monday 27th April


Hello Class One

I hope you all managed to have a fantastic weekend in the glorious sunshine. The Ellis family managed to spend most of the time in the garden and even got the paddling pool out on Saturday which was lovely. Yesterday we went for a really long walk on a new route near where we live which was great fun. Matilda loved running through the forest and trying to catch a couple of butterflies on the way.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures on our website of your friends busy at work, I know we certainly did! I have posted this weeks learning on our class page along with a little treat from all the staff at Empingham and Great Casterton school for you all to enjoy. We can't wait for you to see it. I wonder how many staff you can count in the song? Also whether you can sing along to our friend Bruno Mars. It would be great to hear your reactions on seeing the video, so please feel free to email the office and they will forward any responses onto us.


Have a wonderful Monday Class 1.

Mrs Ellis


Tuesday 28th April


Hello Class 1

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the lovely comments that have come through regarding our staff video. I know we all had so much fun creating it and really couldn't wait for you all to see it.

Today's weather has been a little different to what we have been used too so I have posted a great website with 50 rainy day activities to keep you busy.


I have also posted a little quiz today so good luck with that and please let me know how you get on. Along with the quiz I have recorded another story for you to enjoy, so don't forget to look in the 'Stories' folder to see it.


I hope you are having a great day.

Mrs Ellis


Wednesday 29th April


Good morning Class 1

I hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed the quiz and the story. How did you all get on? I would love to hear, so remember you can send your results to the office. Today Matilda and I plan to do some baking, reading, drawing and at some point we're going to put on our wellies and jump in some puddles! If you manage a little rain dance today remember to take some pictures and send them to us as I know your friends would love to see them.


I'm next in school on Tuesday so if you would like to speak to me about anything in particular or even just to have a chat then please call the school then. 


Have a lovely day.

Mrs Ellis



Thursday 30 April 


Dear Class 1,


I hope you are having a lovely week and have enjoyed the videos posted on the website.  Did you have a go at the art I mentioned in Norris the Bear who Shared? I've been doing a bit of art with my children, mostly work set by their schools but we also enjoy art as a form of relaxation.   We went and found leaves and flowers to make pictures of animals and we did some drawing using shading but one of our favourite little art games is this. You might want to try it if you haven't already? 


On a piece of paper one of us draws a short but easy to see squiggle. Then you pass the paper to someone else and they have to turn it into something, anything!! You can turn the paper anyway you like and off you go create!   You are a creative class so I'm expecting you will be quite good at this.


I did enjoy Mrs Ellis's Quiz . How did you get on?  Well I had to think hard in places - I only just got the christian value for Autumn but then Mrs Gooding's collective worship, last week, was a big clue.


I hope you have a lovely day, I am in school today if you have any questions you can call me.


The very best, missing you Mrs Greening


Friday 1st May


Morning Class 1!

Well here we are on another Friday, another week gone and it's the 1st May - wow.   So well done to all of you and your family at this time.  You might be missing friends, family, school and some days find the home learning a challenge.  


So, I thought it would be a good time to remind us all of our 'Heroes around Us' topic, where we learnt about the likes of Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and met a nurse from our very own community.  And yesterday we celebrated the birthday of Captain, now honorary Colonel, Tom. The last time I looked he had raised almost £33 million for the NHS charities in just 3 weeks. How? Through his courage, values and attitude to life.  Captain Tom has given the nation a sense of pride and hope and many other things.  What a hero for our nation at this time!


For today's little challenge, it would be lovely if you could capture this moment in time by  drawing a picture of Captain Tom or something that reminds you of him and writing why he is a hero? you could use our school values or read more about him on  bbc newsround.


Captain Tom, set himself a challenge to complete a 100 laps of his garden to mark his 100th birthday.  Perhaps you can create your own personal challenge today and note it in your books or draw a picture and label so we can  share on your return.  It might be running so many laps or lengths of your garden, can you hold the plank or sit against a wall for 1 minute or more!  offer to do the washing up all day or all week! I'm sure you can think of some great ideas.


Once again, please send us photos if you want to share your ideas or work, we know class has enjoyed seeing pictures of each other.  


Take care of yourselves, missing you, Mrs Greening.






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