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Empingham CE Primary School

Week 2 daily updates from Mrs Ellis and Mrs Greening

Monday 30th March

Good morning Class 1

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. As we are now in the beautiful season of Spring, why not go into your garden and see how many signs of Spring you can spot. I wonder if you can …

  • Listen to the birds singing away, looking for a new home to create a nest
  • See the buds appearing in the trees
  • See the bulbs starting to raise their heads from the ground

If you wrap up warm, what about making a den outside? Take some blankets, old cushions and some warm drinks and create a spot to watch the nature go by. I wonder what others signs of Spring you can find?

I hope you have a lovely day and please keep the photos coming in, they are great!

Mrs Ellis 



Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Class 1

I hope you have all enjoyed the first day of your learning pack this week and thank you for the wonderful pictures that I have seen already of your busy learning at home. Yesterday I spent the day in school with some of your friends and even managed to speak to most of Class One parents. They said what a fantastic job you were doing at home with your learning so a huge well done!! I knew you would all be ace at it and trying your best. Mrs Greening and I are so proud of you all.

If you get any free time today why not turn it into a ‘Home photo session’. Can you take some pictures of either yourself or a family member and if you ask an adult kindly, they may be able to print them out for you? Next you can make a photo frame from cardboard and decorate it with glitter glue, feathers, whatever you fancy to make them as beautiful as you like. Why not finally put them on the wall and create a gallery?

I can’t wait to see them. Have a wonderful day Class 1.

Mrs Ellis



Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Class 1

I hope you all had a good day yesterday and have enjoyed using the home learning packs. My day yesterday consisted of reading, singing, baking, cleaning and finished off with a lovely run for my daily exercise. I will share some pictures at the end of the week. Matilda and I also took part in some yoga which i know you would enjoy as its from Cosmic Kids 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. Here's the link if you want to have a go too!

If you have any time left today, I wonder if you would like to take part in my nature challenge and get creative. Can you make a piece of artwork using things from your garden? You could use leaves, twigs, blades of grass, stones etc have fun! Remember to take pictures of your nature challenge and keep it for your home learning memory book.

Mrs Ellis

Thursday 2nd April 2020


Morning Class 1

I wonder who is star of the day? ……….. All of you!!

It’s been lovely to hear about all the activities you have been doing and Mrs Raine has been forwarding your pictures and comments to us.   We are so happy to see pictures of you. You all look so busy and how special that you are getting this precious time with your families.

I can see the year 2 s have been busy with TT rockstars – well done!

I thought I might bring to your attention the ‘Daily 10’ on Topmarks in case you haven’t found it.  If you google Topmarks daily 10 challenge and then choose level 1 – and level 2 for most year 2’s you can then choose some 10 minutes mental maths activities and you can even set the time you need to answer the question in.  A few of us had a go at school on Monday and they did really well.  The year 1 s were awesome with their bonds to 10.

My science challenge is to look at the sandwich pictures in the resources section and write in your books what you noticed and what does it tell you. Brace yourself – week 3 do not look at with a full stomach!. It could reveal a very important message in light of the current virus. WASH THOSE LITTLE PAWS! Stay safe.


Still missing you all loads and loads.

Mrs Greening and Mrs Ellis

Friday 3rd April

Morning everyone!

Well here we are on the final day which would have signalled the Easter holidays.  Well done for making it this far and working so hard with your families.

This afternoon you will seen in week 3 we have posted an Easter letter to you all with some small challenges we would like you to continue in the holidays – all fun stuff!

Now usually on a Friday you write something in your diaries, whilst others pop and do the cake raffle or change books. So, I thought it would be nice if you could choose a favourite memory from the last 2 week and write about it in your diary, don’t forget the picture and then we will get to see them on your return.    With this in mind, I saw a lovely idea where everyone from the family draws a picture on each self-isolation day, so it forms a sort of time capsule or scrapbook of this most unusual episode, from all the family.

Also, I know how creative you all are, so I couldn’t resist posting some craft ideas in the resources, if you fancy having a go?  Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to read our Easter message.

All the very best Mrs Greening and Mrs Ellis.


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